Papaver Giganteus 2020

Le projet

« Papaver Giganteus – Blowing in the Wind »
Juin-juillet 2020
Sculptures résine

« Papaver-illumination »
Cette sculpture devait être présentée au Japon lors de la 6ème édition de « Shoe Box exhibition », Covid oblige je n’ai pu me rendre au Japon et apporter cette sculpture conçue pour le projet. J’ai participé à cette exposition et envoyé pour la remplacer le triptyque « Papaver Giganteus – Blowing in the wind ».
Une autre sculpture réalisée pendant le confinement : « Papaver Giganteus – boule de neige »

The Shoes Box Exhibition
The 6th Shoes Box Exhibition which we prepared for from an year ago was unexpectedly fallen into crisis. Since beginning of this year, COVID-19 has been raging across the world. Feeling stressed and fearful from an unprecedented threat, we were made to reconsider our individual ways of the social life. The world situation has become unstable, and the economic crises also worsen day by day. As the famous museums around the world are closed, Ohtawara City Institute of Art Cultural-Studies will remain closed too without exception.
Because of this unfortunate situation, I understand. However, if I also close the orignality of what human being has, I think our future willl become more miserable. Thus, I will share the exhibition to show the importance. Furthermore, many of our close friends around the world who have same thoughts as us are focusing on this shoes box exhibition, and they continue to create their works. It’s not too much to say that the world is facing fear of the death now.
However, in order to overcome the fear, we must first obtain a vaccine for the virus, and to strengthen our imagination and immunity to defeat our mind and body. Art is the best tool to enhance our imagination. Therefore, we will display and deliver our exhibition all over the world on the website. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the real pleasure of the shoes box exhibition, which is ‘the sense of touch’, but instead, the spiritual power released by the artists from the images of their art works promise to fully open your imagination and sensitivity.
Director of Ohtawara City Institute of Art Cultural-Studies
Kodai Hihara

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juin 2020
Otawara Institute of Art Cultural Studies